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The one guarantee in birth is that it is unpredictable. We want to guide you on this journey and walk with you through all of it's twists and turns. As RN's we have seen it all and promise to bring our extensive labor/birth experience to each and every birth ensuring the experience that every birthing person deserves.

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Our Role as Doulas

A doula is a physical, emotional, and mental support to the birthing person and their partner as they welcome their child into the world. The unique role of a doula is to educate, empower, and provide nonjudgmental support/encouragement throughout the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum experience.

  • We will empower you to make the decisions you feel is best for your body, your baby, and your experience. 

  • We will educate you on pregnancy, mindfulness, preparing and trusting your body, childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and everything in between.

  • We will assist in creating your birth plans as well as step by step techniques throughout each phase of pregnancy including the stages of labor to ensure the best outcome possible.

  • We will not replace your partner, but guide them in how to provide you with the support you need. Some partners are more hands off and if that is the case, we can be more hands on. We see ourselves as the couples Doula, not just the person giving birth.  

  • We will advocate when necessary and provide the information you need to advocate for yourself. We strive to ensure and preserve the your wishes for your birth experience. 

  • We are trained to facilitate communication and shared decision making with your healthcare team. 

  • We have all the knowledge to provide you physical support throughout the labor process as well as creating an environment that the birthing person can feel comfortable, relaxed and safe enough to allow the body to release and open.

Studies have proven with a Doula you can have:

  • 50% decreased the cesarean section rate

  • 25% drop in length of labor

  • 40% reduction in the amount of augmentation with oxytocin.

  • 30% drop in the need for pain medicines. 

  • 60% drop in requests for epidurals

  • 40% drop in the need for forceps

According to Doctors John Kennell and Marshall Klaus who wrote a book called Mother-Infant Bonding, later Parent-Infant Bonding

Our goal is to help any birthing person who reaches out. So if you are trying to conceive, newly pregnant, full term, about to deliver, experiencing complications, or just had a baby, please reach out. We are here to help; we want to help. 

Meet the Dream Team

Larissa Rose and Ila Lowder

We are both labor and delivery nurses that have a shared passion for helping families through pregnancy and childbirth. We decided to come together and become doulas so we could help more moms than just the ones that come into our hospital. We love our job as a labor & delivery nurses, but our passion has grown bigger than just supporting patients through the laboring process alone. We want to extend our support and knowledge throughout the entire pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

So we are a Doula Team. Yes, that is right, you get two for the price of one. Both of us will be with you throughout the interview process as you decide which doula or doula team is right for you. Once hired both of us will be at each prenatal visit and we will be on call from the moment the contract is signed, you will have 24/7 phone support from both of us. We share an on call schedule so when you think you are in labor, you will contact us and we will let you know which doula will be supporting you. That is not to say that the other one isn't involved, we are communicating behind the scene. We believe two minds are better than one. After you have delivered we will both attend your postpartum visit and process your experience.



Ila is not only a great friend of mine but she was my Doula. She made the entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery process more comfortable. She was there to listen and give advice when I needed to vent about pregnancy issues. She was there throughout my labor and helped me breath through contractions, played music to sooth me, and used a diffuser with calming essential oils. When it came time for delivery she was there to hold my hand and pray as I had to make difficult decisions. Not only was she a great support for me but also for my husband, she made sure he felt included in the whole process. There is a huge possibility that my baby and I would not be here today if it wasn't for Ila's assistance, I would certainly recommend her to anyone!! 

Chantal December 2020





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