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Ila's Professional Journey

My name is Ila Lowder. I am a proud aunt to five beautiful children. It was actually the birth of my oldest nephew Abel that made me love childbirth so much. My older sister was in labor for 36 hours. It was long, it was exciting, and it was so unbelievably amazing. I was young when he was born and just starting college in hopes of getting into nursing school. Once I witnessed the beauty of childbirth, it changed my life forever. I knew that's what I was meant to do. I continued on in schooling, graduated and began working as a nurse, all the while knowing I wanted to be in labor and delivery. I wouldn't stop until I could be in the laboring room again helping more patients through their incredible experience of giving birth. After years of working as a labor nurse I saw how so many moms would come into this moment with worry, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and such a lack of knowledge. So I decided I wanted to help more people in more ways. 
So I began my journey to being the best Doula I can be and reaching the most amount of birthing persons that I can. My passion is in helping families trying to conceive, pregnancy, educating, advocating, physical support at delivery, helping with breastfeeding, and beyond. That is my true God given purpose, this is not a career, it is a calling. When I am not helping my clients I am a dog mom to two, wild and crazy, keep me on my toes, puppies. I have not been blessed with human babies of my own yet, I truly understand the struggle of fertility, but I am enjoying each phase of life. I love children and have spent most of my life around them, between babysitting all through nursing school, my sister's kids, and most recently my brothers baby. I can't wait to have kids for myself one day. I also enjoy helping rescue puppies, horses, and donkeys. I do not personally rescue them, as my life is revolved around helping patients and clients, but when I'm off I do volunteer my time helping people that do rescue them. Rescuing and riding horses is one of the best therapies there is. Horses are unlike any other domestic animals because they are not food driven, they are relational driven. So to get them to listen to you and respect you, you have to develop a relationship with them. To gain their trust you spend time with them and treat them with respect. It is a quite amazing experience. So that is me in a nut shell, I was Made to Serve! 

If you have enjoyed what you have seen on my website and have any further questions. please feel free to contact me via call, text, or email.

Larissa's Professional Journey

Hello, my name is Larissa, I am a dog mom to Lady, a nine year old Yorkshire Terrior. As a Registered Labor and Delivery Nurse, Larissa has assisted many mothers and partners in welcoming their little miracles into the world. Wanting the experience to be even more personal, Larissa obtained her Doula training through the Academy of Certified Birth Trainers. She is a certified labor support professional as well as a certified breastfeeding educator.


Larissa is kind, compassionate and open-minded and would love to help you have a safe and informed labor experience.

Pregnant woman in nature
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